AGI launches first paper on the art of delivery

4th February 2016
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There is a risk that too much focus on the technical aspects of government delivery means a neglect of vital political levers in implementing government programmes. That is the verdict of a new paper ‘Too much science, not enough art’ published today by AGI.

The paper is the first in the ‘Art of delivery’ series, which will explore the lessons from AGI’s seven years of experience working alongside African leaders. Forthcoming articles will explore common mistakes that governments and international development partners make in working on delivery and what can be done about them. 

The report’s author Dan Hymowitz says:

“There is an increasing focus amongst development partners on things like setting up delivery units and performance monitoring systems. These are important but there is a risk we ignore the nature of power and therefore don’t spend enough time trying to harness political incentives to get things done.”

Future articles will examine the challenge of prioritisation at the centre of government, the need to adapt delivery systems over time and the importance of international development partners using staff who are able to build trust and work effectively with government partners. Watch this space. 

Download the paper