Insight into the art of effective government

25th January 2017

The Art of Delivery series from AGI’s Dan Hymowitz gives an insight into the complexity of improving government effectiveness and the reality of supporting it.

The first paper, Too much science, not enough art, argues that there is too much focus on the technical aspects of government delivery and not enough on the vital political levers of implementation. Choosing the first among equals, the second paper, second focuses on the essential role of prioritisation to getting things done in government.

The series’ third paper meanwhile focuses on the importance of customizing delivery mechanisms to achieve results. It gives an insight into delivery adaptations in some of AGI's partner countries. Shoulder to Shoulder, the final paper in the series, shows how international organisations can better support government delivery.

 “At AGI, we’re part of a wider community that’s looking to do development differently,” the author explains, “we’ve found this group really useful to learn from as we think about how we can have more impact. This series should be a useful and important addition to these discussions.”