Latest Art of delivery paper focuses on prioritisation

22nd March 2016
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Prioritisation is essential to getting things done in government. The most recent paper in AGI’s Art of delivery series, Choosing the first among equals, explores how deciding priorities is both more important and more difficult for the governments of developing countries. The paper outlines lessons for governments and international partners that can help governments prioritise and, in doing so, make progress on key policies or reforms.

Drawing on lessons from AGI’s work across Africa, author Dan Hymowitz examines how some governments have used moments of crisis, such as the Ebola outbreak or collapsing commodity prices, to focus their resources. He also outlines some of the approaches AGI's partner governments have taken to ensure progress on their top priorities translates into meaningful change, whether in energy, healthcare or economic management.

Dan said:

“AGI has worked in ten countries across Africa in the last seven years and we’ve seen centres of government take a variety of approaches to getting things done. Our first paper looked at how successful delivery requires more than off the shelf solutions but there are some ingredients that are essential to success. Prioritisation is one of those, but it’s politically challenging because it creates winners and losers – that’s why we wanted to share some of the lessons from our work about how to do it.”

Download the paper here