AGI makes government work for the world’s poorest people

Our Mission

Over a billion people in Africa need their governments to provide hospitals, schools, sanitation, jobs and much more. When governments fail to deliver, it’s the poor that suffer most. That’s why AGI’s mission is to support effective government in Africa - to make government work for the world’s poorest people.  

There you stand, trying to re-build a nation in an environment where everyone wants to see change take place right away. After all, they voted for you because they had confidence in your ability deliver – immediately. Only you cannot, because the capacity to implement whatever change you have in mind does not exist.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
President of Liberia
Effective government will determine which African countries leap forward, improving millions of lives. That’s why I’m passionate about our work.
Nick Thompson

Our Values

We work on complex issues in dynamic and uncertain contexts. When things are changing fast and we need to make decisions it is our values that guide us. We strive to be:

Government led
Because Africa’s future lies in the hands of Africa’s leaders and its people
Focused on impact
Because making government more effective improves the lives of the poorest people
Politically savvy
Because reform is always political and only knowing the technical answer is not enough
Because we are most effective when we are trusted enough to challenge as well as to support our partner governments
Because in unpredictable environments you need the courage and flexibility to take risks
We share a relentless belief in Africa’s potential. We believe that change is always possible and problems can be overcome

Our patron

Through Tony Blair’s work with Presidents and Ministers we support the political leadership that is essential to make government work.

Tony Blair served as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for ten years. As Prime Minister, he made Africa a top priority. He put Africa on the G8 Agenda for the first time at the Gleneagles Summit in 2005 and led the negotiations that doubled aid to the continent and dropped the debt for its poorest countries.

He also established the Commission for Africa to build a new partnership between Africa and the developed world. And he made the decision to intervene to end the bloody civil war in Sierra Leone.

Since leaving office he has continued his commitment to Africa by setting up the Africa Governance Initiative. He is Patron of the charity and is actively involved as pro bono adviser, working alongside AGI’s teams to support the Presidents and other political leaders of our partner countries to take on the challenge of reform and reducing poverty.

You can read more about Tony Blair's other work here

I set up AGI to help African governments bridge the gap between plans and results, to get from power plans to power plants, from a line in a speech to a line of children outside their new school.
Tony Blair
AGI Patron